My name is Emilia. I am a photographer, videographer and content creator. Creative at heart. Swedish and born in the south, who in recent years have lived up among the mountains of Jämtland. Would call myself a "nomad" at heart, as I have a great passion for living in new places and discovering everything around me, which has meant that I have tried different places such as Bali, London, Gothenburg and Åre .

I've been doing photography and videos, since I was 12 years old. For me, the genuine moments is what I want to capture. Passionate about weddings, portraits and travel photography.
For me, it is important to bring out my style and what represents me as a creator.
A bohemian feel, with earthy warm colors, vintage and details.

I would describe myself as a creative, open-minded and positive person who have many dreams. The creative process of being able to capture something is close to my heart. It brings so much joy and I put a lot of love and energy into the projects I get to do. 
I care about the people I get to meet and always aim for them to feel seen. 
Meeting people, experiencing new cultures and always growing as a creator and a person,
is some of my goals in life.

If you want to know more about what I have done, do or am as a person, feel free to have a look at my work, send me a message here or on social media.
Here's a video that shows who I am as a creator! Hugs ♡
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