We were so happy to have Emilia with us on our wedding day! She gave an expression of being both professional, but also relaxed. As a person, she is very kind and liked by us and our guests. She was there as a natural part of our day, delivering in such a way that no one immediately noticed she was filming. Emilia also have an eye for detail and style. She gives a humble directive to us who are not used to the camera, therefore she was always in the right place and we could feel relaxed, safe and respected. Delivered the material quickly, is reliable and spreads joy.
She has good communication during the entire process, both before, in the middle of everything and afterwards. She exceeded all our expectations!
- Isabella & Joakim

Me and Emilia have been photographing together since middle school, even then you could see the talent and love she have for photography and video. The ability to see the final product, but also the details. As well as the ability to clearly highlight the feeling she strives for in the image. Also regarding prioritizing the theme, as we often choose different themes to stick to during our photoshoots.She is very good at communicating and at reworking and editing the images, to get the right feeling. As a model, she makes me feel comfortable, safe and secure in front of the camera, which I think is an important part. Very easy to work with! Emilia knows what she wants, gives clear directives but in a humble way. She was incredibly talented from the start but it's also fun to see how she has developed her talent and creativity since we were young teenagers. 
She is amazingly good at creating the right feeling. A hugely professional photographer and an equally amazing person behind the camera!

- Filippa
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